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For more than 60 years, BIC has honored the tradition of providing high-quality, simple, inventive and reliable choices for everyone, everywhere, every time. BIC now brings that tradition to Google Assistant with the BIC Office Assistant. Wherever you work - at home, at an office, or your local coffee shop - BIC's Office Assistant is there to help you deal with whatever business throws at you. Make your work hassle a thing of the past and focus on what you love to do. In addition to ensuring a stocked supply cabinet, BIC's Office Assistant organizes your life with: • Back to School Help and Kid's Products, • A voice controlled note taking and filing system, • Task lists and reminders, , • Helpful, community generated tips for running your office. The BIC Office Assistant helps in any industry whether you are B2B, B2C, or M2K (Mom to Kid). "Hey Google, talk to BIC Office” to get started.
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