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domovea is a gateway that enhances your KNX electrical installation. By linking it to Google assistant, you are able to control any device of your KNX installation with the sound of your voice. Reach into a new world of possibilities using domovea and combine it with Google Assistant to simplify your daily life with the sound of your voice. It is as easy as asking Google to turn outlets and lights on or off, adjust dimmers, move up or down shutters, turn on or off speakers, set connected thermostats and much more. Please note that it is essential that you own a KNX system at your home and also a preconfigured Hager domovea hardware is required to use this feature. Please contact your local electrician to find out more about the Hager domovea.
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Ask your assistant
Lower the fan speed
Make the fan speed lower
Turn on the fan
Set fan to 5
Make the fan speed higher
Raise the fan speed
Turn off the fan
What is the fan speed?
Turn up the thermostat
Turn down the thermostat
Set the temperature to 65 degrees
Set the thermostat to 72 degrees
What's the temperature inside?
Switch off the lights
Turn on my lights
Are the lights on in the kids bedroom?
Dim the lights
Is the light on in Mary's playroom?
Turn off the living room lamps
Dim the lights in the kids bedroom
Smart home
Available devices
Android 6.0+ watches
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
Android 6.0+ tablets
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