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Never Alone with My SOS Family. Easy-to-use Alert System. For You, Your Family or Business. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Use your voice to trigger My SOS Family Automated Personal Alert Assistant to contact your pre-set SOS Family contacts asking for help. > Alerts include 'First-Responder' system to say who's helping. > S.O.S. contacts Alerted instantly by US, NOT Google Home App, (faster & works on any phone). > Only Alert system that CALLS & TEXTS your contacts. > They DON’T need Apps, Data, Wi-Fi, they just need ANY simple phone. > Add UNLIMITED Family, Co-workers & Friends. > Link and use iPhone or Android App FREE for when you’re out and about ‘Peace of Mind’ anytime anyone is Alone. Users: - Seniors & Elderly & Carers (easy-to-use) - Employers improving Employees H&S - Self Isolated users - Special Needs users (Blind/Disabled users) - Family & Friends when Alone - Teens when Alone - Anyone using Google Assistant in their device and Google Home App (Car, Watches, Speakers, TV) Many easy ways to get help fast; 1. Say “OK Google Talk to My SOS Family” or “OK Google I want to speak to My SOS Family” 2. Shortcut: Say “OK Google Talk My SOS Family to Help Me” Unique Features: 3. SOS Countdown Timer (like Egg Timer), S.O.S. Alerts sent when timer reaches '0' if not cancelled. SOS Timer counts down in the cloud so if something happens to you, your device, Wi-Fi or the power at home cuts out, we'll still alert everyone when our Timer reaches Zero. Shortcut to start SOS Timer Say: “OK Google Talk to My SOS Family & Set the Timer for [30 minutes]”, or [1 hour] etc. change to what’s needed. Or; - Say “OK Google Talk to My SOS Family”, - Google asks, “Do you want to send for help?” - Say “no”, - Google asks, “What would you like to do? - Say “set timer for [15 minutes]” Free Smartphone App back-up system. 4. Use My SOS Family App (Free) from Apple or Google Play Store when outdoors. Free Speed-dial Back-up system. 5. Use your Landline or basic cell phone & Speed-dial a special personal SOS number we provide, record voice message & we'll Alert all with 20 seconds of vital info within recording, use your Landline/basic cell phone number when creating a My SOS Family Account. 6. Set-up allows Alerting everyone simultaneously or one person after another 7. Send Check-In email/notifications with location & message (& image) to update Check-In contacts Free Trial, you decide to upgrade. Upgrading to a paid My SOS Family a/c gives you unlimited SOS Phone Calls & SMS Alerts and access to Back-up systems. Use the Voice App and discover more! Please note: - Your contacts DON'T require any App, Data or Wi-Fi to receive Alerts. - Your App requires OK Google to be connected to the Internet to use features. If no Wi-fi or internet is available, then use the My SOS Family app or Landline as a back-up method. It's simple - Just say "Hey Google Talk to My SOS Family". Set-up (takes less than 5 mins);  First register & create an a/c with My SOS Family (via App, website) or via this app selecting "Link Account" then "Sign-Up for Free"  If you already have a My SOS Family a/c, via the website or the "My SOS Family" Android/Apple App then link your account and sign into your a/c using the same email address and password (check your email we sent it you when you registered), if you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password link by pressing "forgot password" in the login page. Alternatively register at or download the "My SOS Family App" from the App store then link your account. (App link for your phone: Registering 2 step process: 1) Add your name & phone number (home or mobile) so your contacts know who you are and how to contact you when they are alerted, 2) Add as many SOS contacts as you please; use the email field, SMS field and Phone number field (add your own number, test, then add more later). Never Alone with My SOS Family.
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