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What does a Sailmate do? Sailmate records your ‘plans for activities’ or ‘logs of activities’ for a vehicle identified with a unique 4 letter ID in a simple work language. How to use a Sailmate? You need to start with ’ok google tell sailmate’ and say mention plan or log with activity and vehicle ID. Simple Auto-repair language : VEHICLE ID ----- "ID" XXXX PLAN / LOG ----- "PLAN" or "LOG" ACTIVITY ----- Example:' Plans for activities' check engine oil measure coolant oil check tire pressure Example: 'Logs of activities' engine oil checked coolant oil checked SAMPLE: user: plan engine oil ID 1234 sailmate: plan added successfully user: ID 1234 log engine oil sailmate: logged user: plan 1234 sailmate: vehicle number is missing. repeat the whole plan or log with the last four digits of the vehicle! user: plan ID 1234 sailmate: couldn’t understand the activity done please repeat complete plan with a valid one user: plan ID 1234 plan check brake oil sailmate: plan added successfully. NOTE: 1) Every response must have "ID" followed by 4 digit number," plan" or"log" with activity. 2) If one attribute such as ID or plan/log or activity is missing then please do repeat complete sentence followed by the above format.
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