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Growth Hacking is an innovative approach to growth. A growth hacker is a person whose goal is to grow the number of customers and bring more revenue to a company. A growth hacker is a hybrid of marketer and coder who based on data and endless tests, uses different marketing and product approaches to grow his business rapidly. He optimizes the value of each user on each step of user’s journey. Here’s growth hacking process in steps: Generating ideas (everything that can help to increase growth), 1. Organizing (estimating potential impact and resources required), 2. Testing (working in quick iterations, testing everything they can), 3. Analyzing (comparing results to hypothesis and asking “why”), 4. Optimizing (using learnings to correct processes), 5. Repeat. Successful growth hacks are the product of engineering, marketing, leadership, design and product management. Whether your team consists of two co-founders or a skyscraper full of employees, your growth hacking strategies will only be effective if you’re able to affix them to your organization, apply a workflow, and use the results of experiments to make intelligent decisions.
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