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.tiarda is your personal assistant for an optimal control of your heating. Connected via a Bosch EasyControl Smart Thermostat, .tiarda allows a full range of heating functions by translating your words into smart actions. Tell .tiarda when you’re cold and she'll turn up the temperature for you. Ask about your energy consumption or tell .tiarda when you go on holiday and your heating goes into eco mode. .tiarda reliably takes care of all aspects of your heating system and thus provides more energy efficiency and comfort to your house. Further information can be found at https://tiarda.com/gb/en/overview/. *Requirements:* To use .tiarda you need a Bosch EasyControl Smart Thermostat. With "Ok Google, talk to Tiarda Home" you establish the initial connection with .tiarda. .tiarda will then guide you through the connection process. *Available voice commands:* After you are connected, you have a wide range of voice commands to control your heating. What you can ask me about temperature: "How warm is it in the bedroom?" "What temperature do you heat to in the living room?" "Set the kitchen to 21 degrees." "I'm (really) cold in the living room." "Make it cooler." "Make it 3 degrees cooler." "What's the outside temperature?" What you can ask me about the presence detection: "What temperature will you heat to when I'm gone?" "Set the temperature to 17 degrees in my absence." "Is the absence mode active?" "I'm going out." "I'm back again." What you can ask me about the vacation function: "I'm going on vacation to London from 2th of October to 6th of October." "Show me a list of my vacation entries." "Delete vacation." What you can ask me about energy consumption: "How was my energy consumption during the last month?" "What was my energy consumption last year?" "My energy consumption from February 12th to February 23rd?" "Energy usage yesterday?" "How did my energy usage compare to other .tiarda users last month?" What you can ask me about the clock program: "Is the clock program on?" "Turn the clock program on." "Turn clock program off." "Is the hot water timer active?" "Please preheat hot water continuously." "Set hot water following the clock program." "Do not preheat hot water." What you can ask me about about summer mode: "Is the summer mode active?" "At what outdoor temperature do you switch to winter mode?" "Switch automatic summer-winter mode on/off." "Set temperature for summer mode to 19 degrees." What you can ask me about humidity: "What is the humidity like at home?"
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