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SwitchMap introduces our new members to our family, Casma. You can now call out your control and it will control your devices within a zone or the entire premise. Before you start using Switch maps, ensure your premise has a SwitchMap system installed with gateway (smartphone) control. Once you are ready, open the and add "Casma - SwitchMap Voice Assistant" action to your account then link it to the Network you want it to control. Before you start calling your controls, you should assign each Google Home to the zone that it is placed in. Yes, we know you have more than one Google Home in the house. To assign, simply call out... • "Google, open switch maps and assign to [Zone name]" * All zone, scene, device names are based on the Gateway/Network that it is linked to. You will need to rename the names until it is most recognizable by Google. For example, the word "Lights" is better than "Light". You are now ready, to call out your commands start with... Google, talk to switch maps to ... LIGHTS ...Turn "Device name" on ... Dim "Device name" SHADING (CURTAIN) ... Close "Device name" THERMOSTAT ... Turn "Device name" on ... Set "Device name" to 23 degree ... "Device name" is too hot ... Set "Device name" to Cool ... Set "Device name" to Auto Fan Speed ... What's "Device name" temperature? SCENE CONTROL ... "Scene name" scene ... "Scene name" mode ALL LIGHTING ON/OFF ... Turn everything off ... Turn "Zone name" off * To control devices outside your Google Home's assigned zone, just simply say the [Zone name] before [Device name].
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