The Vortex by Doppio
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“It’s eerie, humorous and compelling.” –Metro UK “The gameplay is deep and rich, featuring colorful personalities that you can develop friendships with, a variety of tasks to repair the ship and find out what happened in the past, and much more.” –Digital Trends ---------- You have awoken on a derelict spaceship, stalked by a hostile alien entity. Command a ragtag team of robots to reclaim your vessel, discover the mysteries of the past, and survive the Vortex... Join the millions of players who have played this immersive sci-fi space adventure game. Plug into your neural link, interact with robots and uncover the mystery that left you stranded in space! Features: - A novel-sized immersive science-fiction game, featuring witty and engaging characters that develop a relationship with you over time. - NEW! Take command of your own fleet of shuttles to set off on missions into the Vortex! Gather useful items, and uncover critical clues about this strange region of space. - NEW! Find unique collectible items on your shuttle missions across the vast immensity of space! - A rich audio experience, designed from the ground up to be played by voice - Built by Doppio, a voice game studio founded by BioWare alumni, creators of the hit games The 3% Challenge, PAC-MAN™ WAKA WAKA, and Voice Quest - Original writing by Greg Buchanan (Writer of No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises/Next and the upcoming sequel to Epistory: Typing Chronicles) ************** What’s New: Our biggest game update ever is now available! - NOW WITH 50% MORE VORTEX - Experience the new Shuttle Missions, explore The Vortex to discover additional log recordings, and unlock new interactions with your robots! - A BRAND NEW LOOK – On supported devices, experience all-new, stunning graphics and animations that will get you immersed in the game. - ENTER THE SHUTTLE BAY – Gain access to a new area of the spaceship. Build a fleet of shuttles and set off on missions into the Vortex, allowing you to discover more about how you came to this strange place! - COLLECT STRANGE ARTIFACTS – Find collectibles across space and explore them all by connecting a VoiceClub Account! - Plus: a refreshed audio experience throughout the entire game! ************** Support: If you like this game, please leave us a review on the Google Assistant Directory! We love reviews. For assistance and any feedback about the game, get in touch at or ************** Get in touch: Connect with us for more information about The Vortex, Doppio Games, and other titles: ************** Update History: We update The Vortex regularly with gameplay improvements and new content! For a complete list of updates, check out: ************** Digital Purchases 100% of The Vortex can be enjoyed entirely for free. But, if you'd like to get through the game's story more quickly, we offer in-game purchases of multi-gel, a consumable fuel that enables your robots to complete tasks. If you choose to purchase multi-gel, you'll be able to complete the game sooner than if you choose to wait and discover it during the normal course of gameplay. (Purchasing is currently only available in certain countries.)
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