Word Chain
Have fun while learning English words with this classic word game! Here's how it works: Assistant says a word and you must answer with a word that begins with a letter that the previous word ended with. For example, the Assistant says: "GUITAR", and you say: "ROBOT". Don't try to cheat by using your smartphone keyboard, it's not going to work! If you feel like it's too easy to win, you should purchase Word Chain Premium for a small one-time fee. With Word Chain Premium you'll get access to extra features: • no daily games limit • choice of difficulty level • access to the Top Players Leaderboard where you can save and compare your score! You can view the Top Players Leaderboard here: https://word-chain-voice-game.firebaseapp.com/ So, are you ready to play Word Chain? Give it a try now! --- This game is brought to you by Veeheister - producer of games like Warriors Land and Fleet Battle. Check them out on our website: https://veeheister.com
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