Maestro KNX
CD Innovation Ltd
Requirements: - Maestro Server Maestro KNX is a client App to Maestro Server (An MTSxxx or MSxxx server is required for operation.) The App enables the same user friendly Maestro GUI on your Android device, instantaneously turning your phone/tablet to a powerful, easy to use remote control even when you away from home. The Maestro KNX enables the remote control of all systems controlled by the Maestro such as: multimedia, air conditioning, alarm systems, and many more by utilizing all of the common communications: KNX, RS232, IP, Infra-red, and RS485. Maestro KNX works extremely fast even over the internet (via GPRS/WiFi) and supports multiple clients simultaneously. It's communication to the Maestro is password protected and secured by SSH/SSL. For more details please see our website
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Switch off the lights
Lower the fan speed
Turn off the fan
Make the fan speed lower
Raise the fan speed
What is the fan speed?
Make the fan speed higher
Set fan to 5
Turn on the fan
Are the lights on in the living room?
Turn on my lights
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Is the light on in John's office?
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Turn on the lights
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Activate Good Morning
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Set the temperature to 65 degrees
What is the temperature set to?
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Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
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