LEVOLOR® InMotion™
By linking up with Google Assistant, users with LEVOLOR® InMotion™ motorized blinds and shades can adjust them with voice commands. You can ask Google Assistant to open or close individual blinds or rooms, or execute present scenes. Getting started To successfully set up and use Google Assistant voice-control of your InMotion™ motorized window coverings, you will need: • LEVOLOR® InMotion(TM) app and Hub with a registered account. • A Google Assistant-enabled device connected to your Google account. • The Google Assistant App downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Using Google Assistant with your window treatments Once your window treatments are connected and named, you have the freedom to fully open, close or adjust them with simple voice-controlled commands: Voice-control a single blind: Give your smart home assistant commands like: “Okay Google, Open Kitchen blinds.”, “Okay Google, Lower Office blinds.”, “Okay Google, Rotate Bedroom blinds to 30%”. Voice-control a room/group: By grouping all the blinds in one room you can allow your smart home assistant to adjust multiple blinds. Simple room command examples are “Okay Google, Open Office blinds.” or “Okay Google, Close Living Room blinds”. Voice-control multiple blinds with scenes: The scene feature allows you use voice commands to move single or multiple blinds into a predefined position. Here are a few examples of how you might use scenes: Need help getting the family out of bed? Scenes allow you to say “Okay Google, Turn on Good Morning.” and the predetermined motorized window treatments will open in the designated bedrooms. Is it time for baby’s afternoon nap? Just say “Okay Google, Turn on Naptime.” and your designated motorized blinds will close to your predefined position making the nursey dark and ready for sleep. More hints & tips - InMotion™ is not compatible with products from the previous LEVOLOR® motorization program. This includes blinds that are controlled with the previous LEVOLOR® app, 3-channel remote, and 6-channel remote. - We’re here to help. Visit www.levolor.com/support for answers to all your questions.
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Are blinds open?
Close blinds down to 20%
Close blinds to 50%
Rotate blinds to 20%
Open the blinds halfway
Open blinds to 20%
Close blinds down
Close blinds
Open the blinds 60%
Open blinds 50%
Activate Good Morning
Turn on Movie Mode
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Android 6.0+ TVs
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Android 5.0+ phones
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