iHome Clean
Control all of your iHome AUTOVAC using your voice.Users can say “Ok Google” to turn on/off,dock, etc {SmartDeviceName}. with the Google Assistant. Connection steps: 1. Please download "iHome Clean" App first. 2. Register and login to "iHome Clean" app. Add the equipment according to the prompts on the app (see the manual for details). 3. Login to "Google home" app, click Add - Set up device - Have Something already set up - iHome Clean for account authorization, then login to iHome Clean account, and the authorization can be completed. 4. After the authorization is successful, You can control Robot Vacuum Cleaner through Google Assistant.
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Ask your assistant
Dock the vacuum
Charge the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
Send the vacuum home
Start the vacuum
Is the vacuum charging?
Stop the vacuum
Pause the vacuum
Stop vacuuming
Start vacuuming
Smart home
Available devices
Android 6.0+ watches
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
Android 6.0+ tablets
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