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The Mercator Ikuu app is intuitive and user-friendly. Our design team is continually reviewing its functionality to ensure a positive user experience, while our dedicated R&D team works on new products and app features to ensure that Ikuu remains relevant, useful and innovative. Ikuu is a cloud-based platform that includes a wide range of products. With a vast array of products all paired to the Ikuu app, you can have these products all work together with one simple tap. Ikuu utilises the ‘if this, then that’ concept in a user-friendly, easy to configure manner, meaning that one product can inform the actions of another. Products within the range utilise either Wi-Fi or Zigbee 3.0, so that you can choose how to use your products. Products appear in the app exactly the same regardless of whether they use Wi-Fi or Zigbee 3.0, and can interact together in the same way. This means that the customer gets the advantages of each, without the cumbersome effort of having to navigate between different apps for different products. Get your day started with lighting, electrical, climate and air-movement products all initiated with one tap or voice command! Scene Examples: - Lights turn off as you leave the house or go to sleep Most of the Ikuu range is compatible with voice assistants, giving you even more options for how you use your products. Visit to see the entire range, for support when setting up or using your Ikuu products, and ideas on how you can use Ikuu in your home. The team at Ikuu see the app as a service that needs to be provided with long-term support, development and innovation. With a large support infrastructure behind it, Ikuu is able to ensure that quality, reliability and end-support is on-going. - Ok Google, turn the fan on - Ok Google, turn on the kitchen downlights - Ok Google, set the hallway light blue - Ok Google, brighten table lamp to 50%
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Ask your assistant
Set the temperature to 65 degrees
What is the temperature set to?
Switch off the lights
Turn off TV
Turn on speakers
Turn off the living room lamps
Turn on my lights
Is the light on in Adam's bathroom?
Are the lights on in the master bed room?
Turn off the lights in the kids bedroom
Dim the lights
What is the AC speed?
Start the AC
Turn on the AC
Set mode on AC to cool
What cycle is the AC in?
Lower the AC speed
Set AC to high
Did I set AC to cool?
Turn off the AC
Make the AC speed lower
Activate Good Morning
Turn on Movie Mode
Pause the TV
Stop the TV
Skip ahead on speaker
Turn on the TV
Mute the TV
Make it louder on the TV
Volume up on TV
Resume the TV
Turn on the fan
What is the fan speed?
Turn off the fan
Raise the fan speed
Lower the fan speed
Set fan to 5
Make the fan speed higher
Make the fan speed lower
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Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
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