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Hi and welcome to Breckland Weather's Current Conditions, we are based in Weeting, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, the station is a Professional, Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus, with UV, Solar, a modified Rain Duration sensor and a modified night cloud sensor. The data is updated every minute but updated every 3 seconds on the main website. It's more up to date than any other source for this location, here is the list of commands. You can say...... what's the temperature? what's the humidity? what's the dew point? what's the barometer? what's the wind speed? what does it feel like? How much rain today? What's the UV? What's the cloud conditions? What's the fire index? Is it raining? What is the leaf wetness? (0 to 15, 15 being the wettest). Tell me all conditions? (takes a second or 2 to load) What's the summary for a brief 12 to 48hr summary (takes a second to load), What's the forecast for the full month ahead, (takes a second to load) You can try saying "what is the..." or "Tell me the or just "temperature" or "temp" it may work Things to know: The Beaufort scale is in with the wind speed and wind direction, asking for either will give the same results. The feels like temp is in with the wind chill, asking for wind chill will give you the same results. The fire index is in with the Chandler index, saying, asking for either will give you the same results. I am using the leaf wetness sensor as an instant rain sensor, it has a heater to dry much quick so the data knows much sooner that its stopped raining. With that in mind, asking if its raining would be better than asking for the leaf wetness, as the backgrounds are different. If there is a condition not on here that you would like, please contact me at Thank you for using Breckland Weather, i hope like, if you do, please be sure to leave a 5-star review, it would be very much appreciated! See a lot more weather data here
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