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It is a voice interface for automated campaign performance reports. This applications connects to Google Bigquery to collect information of Google and Facebook ad campaigns.This Gives key insights about campaign performance through voice. It uses access code from interacting user for authentication. Access code is 4 digit randomly generated number. Depending on the access code, respective client data from Facebook and Google ad campaigns will be served to the user. This application collects campaign metrics such as impressions,clicks,cost and conversion based on questions asked by the user. Using these 4 metrics we calculate cost per click, cost per lead, clickthrough rate, conversion rate through webhook. Voice is the next big thing. The main reason behind launching it is to save time as well as create convenient tech-enabled solutions for our clients. The tool is targeted towards CMOs (our clients) who need quick answers, instead of going through lengthy excels and reports on dashboards. One can just ask a question and get an audio feedback within seconds. How do we see it helping iProspect? First step towards new voice/conversational interface for us. Opens new avenues for us.
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