With the Hoop Home Action and Google, you can now access your Hoop Home Cam via voice control by simply saying "Google, show my front door camera."Currently the Hoop Home Action doesn't work with Fire TV Stick device. Before you get started, please make sure your Hoop Home device is online and updated to the latest firmware. Then enable the Hoop Home Action in Google app or ask Google to enable the action by saying "Google, enable the Hoop Home Action" and you will be directed to link your Hoop Home account with your Google account. You can view live feed and listen to the audio from your Hoop Home devices. Google also works with the shared users so anyone with access to the camera can view the activity. But please note that you will not be able to view playback. Some example commands are: "Google, Hoop Home Discover My Devices." "Google, Hoop Home Show My (DeviceName)." "Google, Hoop Home Stop."
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