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Are you bored with same old contents from your smart speakers? Listen what happens to people in their day to day life! wecast life broadcast postings from users of www.wecast.ai who declared his/her postings are mainly about "life". Anyone signed up for www.wecast.ai as "life" group can write their opinions. It's an ENDLESS PODCAST from everyone you can enjoy with voice of your A.I. assistant. Users mainly post about what their lifestyle, they bought, what made them happy or angry, what they have heard about. Users of wecast.ai are provided their own Skill or Action for free (for the temporary promotion period) story wall they can write what they have in mind. What the users write about can be read in their own skill but also from the wecast official channel: wecast-sports, wecast-life, wecast-news, wecast-entertainment, wecast-tech! Please find our how to use WECAST fromt the link below: http://www.wecast.ai/main/help Please find our terms of service and private policy from the link below: http://wecast.ai/local/download.php?path=/static/WECASTTermsofServicev01.pdf Please find our terms of service and private policy from the link below: http://wecast.ai/local/download.php?path=/static/WECASTPrivatePolicyv01.pdf Notice: we use your email account ONLY when you say "YES" to download attahment file from the original posting from the question "Would you like the attached file to be sent to your email address?". We do NOT collect email address of listeners and we do NOT use your email address otherwise.
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