Cyber Argument
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To use this app, you need to have both an Amazon Echo and a Google Home and for them to be able to hear each other clearly. The app conducts a back-and-forth argument between Alexa and Google Assistant. The app works in conjunction with a matching skill, also called Cyber Argument for Alexa. IMPORTANT PRIVACY POINT: Please note that because the app is performing an argument, it leaves the microphone open after making a statement for the other side to respond to. It is not only after a direct question to the user that the microphone is left open. The app should be regarded as a chatbot rather than a question-and-answer based service. The argument that plays out is randomly chosen from a set of canned arguments built in to the app. You can start the argument from either side. So you can say to Alexa: "Alexa, Open Cyber Argument" and it will start the argument, and invoke the Cyber Argument application on Google Assistant. Alternatively, you can say to Google Assistant: "OK Google, Talk to Cyber Argument" and it will start the Alexa Cyber Argument skill. For this to work, please make sure the skill is enabled on Alexa. The argument will run for about 10 rounds back and forth, until it is played out. Both devices will then close. You can stop the argument part way through by saying "Stop" or "Cancel". The code for this app and the corresponding skill for Amazon Alexa is available on If you don't have both an Amazon Echo and a Google Home, you can hear the arguments step by step with just one device, by saying a short phrase such as "Next" where the other side would normally have spoken. You can see a video of the system in operation at
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