Sherlock Mysteries
Ilya Platonov
Sherlock Mysteries is fully voiced story driven investigation puzzle solving game in Victorian London. London, 5 June, 1895. You and your group of investigators are helping Sherlock Holmes to solve another mystery: Case of Clay Pots. How to play: - Listen to pieces of story you already unlocked, pay attention to places and people mentioned in them. - Unlock new pieces of story by investigating different people or locations. For example "Search Jasper Meeks" to meet with Sir Jasper Meeks. - Ask game to read newspaper for extra clues. - Use deduction to figure out who and how commited the crime. - Ask game to finish the case, when you think you investigated enough or just want to know case solution. - Launching game on phone use "Open in Browser" suggestion chip to open Investigation Log, which stores all unlocked information for the case. You can open this link on any device or share it with your playing group. - Sherlock Mysteries can be played as cooperative game, by listening to the game stories and deciding where to go together. Forum:!forum/sherlock-mysteries
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I really really love it and I am very much interested to play this interesting game.have ..lots of fun..thank you 🙂😃😄
Shalini Sen
November 28, 2018
ashley crame
November 19, 2018
Lived it
Akshay Kumar M
November 14, 2018
I get all the answer correctly... I wish for something like this more.. Maybe new cases... Its a brilliant ideas.... I would pay if there are hundreds of cases
Mr. Mr.
November 11, 2018
One of a kind game. Great voices, riveting story, and novel implementation.
Josh Grinberg
November 4, 2018
I really liked it, it is well designed. The only problem is that it might stop responding. And aat the end, when you get the solution, you can't unlock the story and the investigation bits that you missed. You just get the solution. I am really curious about the final part that i missed.
Oumaima Samir
October 26, 2018
Such a cool new style of game--never seen anything quite like it. You talk to the game to get clues and explore the crime scenes but it also shows you where you've visited on a map and lets you read the newspaper to figure out what else is going on. And you do it all with your friends around the table solving the mystery together. Tons of fun--highly recommended!
Joseph Smarr
October 4, 2018
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