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Grateful Log allows you to practice gratefulness in a simple and natural way Backed by science, we know the universal law of attraction says 'What you appreciate, appreciates.' Science says that being grateful is the key to happiness. But how? Being grateful activates the hypothalamus to moderate stress and the ventral tegmental to stimulate feelings of pleasure. Here is our suggestion for using the Grateful Log Action on Google. You can even use it as a companion to your regular gratitude journal. Speak to Grateful Log before bedtime. "Ok Google, Talk to Grateful Log." Logging 3 things you are grateful for today will create positive emotions in your brain, and you'll wake up feeling positive. Example: "I'm grateful for my family's health and happiness." Logging 3 things you are grateful for the future will help manifest your goals, and by speaking in past tense as if you have already achieved these goals, you're subconsciously auto-suggesting your future self. Example: "I'm grateful for running a full marathon." (This is a goal you have for the future but speak as if you have already achieved it.) We hope this Action on Google will provide you a simple but impactful way to practice gratefulness in your life. If you enjoy this Action on Google, please leave us a review.
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