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Say "Talk to Surf Report Africa," and the app will read you today's surf report for that spot. Obviously, South African accents and our spot names don’t often play well with Google Assistant. So, I have set up Twitter to chat about it. If you are asking for a spot and Surf Report Africa doesn’t understand you, Tweet me and I will add it to a list of synonyms for your spot. For Example, you may say “Kommetjie” and Google will read “comedy”. Just Tweet me that this is happening and I will get to it. Unfortunately, Google doesn't support South African English for assistant apps so you'll need to select one of the supported versions in your assistant settings. i.e UK, US or AU English. I have organised the spots by province, the available spots are: In the Western Cape: Caves Muizenburg Kommetjie Noordhoek Llandudno Cape Town Big Bay Elands Bay Eastern Cape: Jeffrey's Bay Plettenberg Bay Nahoon Reef KZN: North Beach Durban North You're more than welcome to Tweet me and I can add your local spot if possible. The surf report includes: Wind speed Wind direction Swell height Surf height Swell direction Tides Sunrise & sunset and, Sea temperature You can also ask Surf Report Africa for a surf report directly. All you have to say is, “Hey Google, ask Surf Report Africa for Muizenburg”. You will get the most out of the app, (and why I created it) if you add it to your Google Routine: open the “Google Home App”, then go to “Manage Routines”, then create and name a Routine, scroll to bottom and tap “+ Add action”, then under “Enter Command” enter “talk to Surf Report Africa and ask for Muizenburg” then tap “add” and each time you say your routine, you will get the day's surf report for your spot. This app is a one-man operation so if it is ever down, I am sorry about that and please feel free to Tweet me and I will get to fixing it as soon as I can. Have an awesome day!
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