Feed The Cat
Cindy & Brian Mottershead3.6
This app allows you to track nutrition and feeding for your cat in a very simple and straightforward way: you tell Feed the Cat when you fed your cats and the app lets you know when it is time to feed them again. You can say: "I fed the cat", and Feed the Cat remembers the time. You can ask: "Is it time to feed the cat" or "Did anybody feed the cat?" and Feed the Cat will tell you whether it is time to feed them. This is useful if you need a reminder about when you last fed your cats; but it is especially helpful if you have a cat on a diet, and there are several people in the household who the cat might ask for food. If one person in the family feeds the cats and tells Feed the Cat, everybody else can know not to feed them until it is again time.
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Feed The Cat"
"Ask Feed The Cat if its time."
"Talk to Feed The Cat"
"Tell Feed The Cat"
"Tell Feed The Cat I fed the cat."


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 9.0+ phones