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Puzzle of the Day is a daily crossword style puzzle game! Instead of a typical crossword board, we take those clues and bring you themed 5 word puzzles, great for playing at any time of day. Since you don't get to cross the word together, you earn free letter reveals every time you solve a word that you can use on subsequent words. Pass and skip around to the other words if you are stuck. Compete Online By linking your account, you will be able to share your stats and compete on the live leaderboards at stokedskills.com/puzzleoftheday. By linking your account, we will show your first name and last initial on the leaderboards and top players each week will be accessible from within the game. Puzzle League Want to play more? For just a small monthly fee you can catch up on any puzzles you missed from the last ten days. And as an added bonus - you'll get extra letter reveals so you can complete all the puzzles! You'll also be able to reveal an entire word if you are stuck. Leave us a Review! If you like this game, we'd really appreciate a review. Any feedback really helps us as we constantly strive to improve the game for everyone. Feel free to reach out to contact@stokedskills.com as well!
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