Four Mates
4mates is a family owned company that prepares Latin American food in Sydney. It specializes in empanadas: the hand-held pie of Latin America, filled with a variety of delicious savoury flavours. 4mates Google Action provides information about menu content, how to contact 4mates, how to cook empanadas, some interesting photos and videos as well as information about dates and locations of future events and markets. If you grant us permission to access your email account information, we can send the information you request by email (eg. latest menu or, dates and locations of future markets or events) You can ask things like: Who is 4mates? Where are they located? When is the next market? What types of empanadas do they sell? What is in the beef (chicken/ ham&cheese/ spinach&cheese / capresse) empanada? Send me the menu by email (need permission to access email info for this) ****More photos, videos and interesting info coming soon. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please do not hesitate to contact us at
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