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VREEDA connects smart devices and services to make your life more comfortable and easier - add Google voice control now: You can use the VREEDA lighting smart action to control LIGHT in your house by voice. * Ok Google, turn on the LIGHT * Ok Google, turn off the LIGHT * OK Google, change the LIGHT to green color * OK Google, dimm the LIGHT to 20 percent GET STARTED SAFELY AND EASILY Connect to WiFi, select your Lola bulb, and start exploring. All your data will be held securely in Europe and protected by GDPR regulations. TAILOR YOUR LIGHTING TO YOUR MOOD With 15 pre-set scenes, and the ability to choose from 16 million colour tones, your lighting will complement your life like never before. You can easily change the colour with your app or with the remote control. BE INSPIRED BY NATURE Some smart lighting owners like to bring nature into their homes, that’s why we’ve included settings like Forest and Sea. PROTECT YOUR HOME WHEN YOU'RE NOT THERE VREEDA ‘Away mode’ makes it look like someone’s in, even when you’re out. Whether you’re away for an evening, a business trip or a holiday, turning on ‘away mode’ increases protection at the touch of a button. Customise settings any time, and even programme for months in advance if you know already know your schedule. MAKE BEDTIME EASIER Use your smart lights to simulate sunset or sunrise, helping your body to transition more naturally. A great way to help over-stimulated minds, whether that’s busy grown-ups or reluctant children.
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