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PRAYER TIMES: Find out what the Islamic Salah times are, when the next prayer is, or what time a specific prayer will take place and play the call to prayer (Azan). Ask for example... - when is the next prayer - prayer times - when is Fajr - play the Azan - update my location (whenever you travel or significantly change your location) PRAYER NOTIFICATIONS: You can enable prayer reminders for all or some of the five daily prayers: - enable / disable prayer reminders - disable Fajr reminder QURAN RECITATION: Make use of the time you have before or after prayer to listen to any Surah, Verse, or Juz of the Holy Quran in English, Arabic or both: - play Surah al Fatiha (in Arabic / English) - play part 30 (in Arabic / English) - play Surah 39, verse 23 (in Arabic / English) - remind me to read Surah al-Kahf - enable verse of the day --> to receive a daily verse [Please note that prayer time reminders will occur in form of push notification on your device; automatic Azan playback by this app during the Salah times and Smart Speaker support is not yet allowed by Google] For questions, please go to
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