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The INSTAR Cloud action lets you watch the live video from your INSTAR IP camera directly on your Google device (only devices with a display are supported). To use this action, it is necessary, that you have an INSTAR Cloud account which you can register at After you login to the INSTAR Cloud system, you need to set up your cameras. The p2p information and the username & password of your cameras are needed. Only once you give permissions to Google, then the INSTAR Cloud action can use these credentials. How to use the INSTAR Cloud action: Sync all devices (you added a new camera): "Hey Google, Sync my devices." "Hey Google, Sync my cameras." Play your live videos: "Hey Google, show [camera name]." "OK Google, what's on [camera name]?" "Hey Google, can you play [camera name] on [display name]?" "Hey Google, play [camera name] on [display name]" "Hey Google, show [camera name] on [display name]" Stop your live videos: "OK Google, stop." Important information: - Make sure that you name your camera in a simple way that Google Home understands, this is the name you set inside the INSTAR Cloud. - Each camera name should be unique and different from other existing camera names to make sure Google Home knows which camera you mean. For the detailed information on how to use this action, please also check: Note: This action requires account linking. If you have multiple accounts in the INSTAR Cloud, Google Home will only enable and link this action to the account that is currently logged in or linked.
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