Voice Othello
Voice Othello represents the position of the board numerically. Please answer with a number, with "11" in the upper left and "88" in the lower right. You can choose the strength of your opponent's AI from "weak", "normal", and "strong". On Interactive Canvas compatible terminals, you can select the number of pieces by pressing the number on the Othello board. Other than that, select a piece by voice input or character input. On Interactive Canvas compatible devices, you can select "Practice mode". The evaluation value of AI is displayed at the position of the piece as "strong = red" and "weak = blue". You can practice the Othello game by advancing the game while considering the strength and weakness of the situation. AI operates and uses the software "Jumpaku Othello (https://github.com/Jumpaku/JumpakuOthello)" developed by Jumpaku on its own server. Thank you very much.
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