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This action can help you stay updated with your Rocket Chat Account. Be it getting your unread messages, unread mentions, making announcements or sending messages, a lot is possible with the Rocket Chat Google Action. Features to be kept in mind: 1. Every functionality that affects your account in any way comes with an intent confirmation. i.e. Before performing these operations the action will ask your confirmation and will execute the operation only on your approval. 2. If an intent requires you to tell a channel name or user name, you don't have to worry about telling the exact name of the channel or user. You can roughly tell the name, and the action will automatically resolve it to one of the best matching names from your list of subscriptions. Again, you will get a confirmation after this resolution if that operation is exactly what you wanted to perform. Some useful intents and their uses are listed below. 1. Do I have any unread messages: This will get your unread messages from your subscribed channels and direct messages. 2. Get my unread mentions: This will get your unread mentions from your subscribed channels and direct messages. 3. Read my unread messages: Using this intent you can read unread messages from a channel. 4. Read my mentions from channel: Using this intent you can read your unread mentioned messages from a channel. 5. Change my status: Using this intent you can change your account status. 6. Send a message: Used to send message to a channel. 7. Send message to a discussion: Used to send message to a discussion. 8. Send a direct message: Used to send direct message to a user in your contacts list. 9. Make an announcement: Using this you can make an announcement in a channel, if you have appropriate access rights. 10. Read mentions from a user: Used to read out the mentioned messages from a user. 11. List my discussions: Will list out your latest discussion rooms. 12. Read unread messages from discussion: Used to read unread messages form a discussion room.
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