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Workstreams Voice is a results-oriented task management assistant. Create tasks and keep yourself focused on priorities that matter now. Use natural voice commands, get intuitive responses and fast results! Here is how Workstreams Voice helps you get things done: - "Create a task" Our main feature. Once you wake Workstreams Voice just say "create a new task" to start planning. The assistant intuitively guides you through creating a new task, editing it and adding a due date. - "Give me a summary" Make sure you are on top of things by asking Workstreams Voice to give you a summary of your tasks. Then act on them by telling Workstreams Voice to move them to completed, edit them or create a new task. - "What are my tasks" Workstreams Voice can give you a round-up of your tasks that you have planned or you are currently working on. Just say "ok Google, ask Workstreams about my open tasks". Your voice, your tasks, your success.
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