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From the comfort of your home, command your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with the My Mitsubishi Connect Assistant App for Google Assistant using just your voice. On an Google Assistant enabled device, just ask Google Assistant to request remote commands be sent to your vehicle, such as remote door lock/unlock, climate control, horn, lights, vehicle settings, car finder, and parental controls. Mitsubishi Connect is an innovative platform of services that provide vehicle owners with a safe, secure, and convenient driving experience. SUPPORTED VEHICLES: • 2018 and newer Eclipse Cross REQUIREMENTS: • An active subscription to Mitsubishi Connect • A Mitsubishi Telematics Control Unit equipped vehicle • My Mitsubishi Connect login credentials are required for account linking SOME OF THE AVAILABLE COMMANDS: • “OK Google, Ask my MITSUBISHI CONNECT to lock the doors” • “OK Google, Ask my MITSUBISHI CONNECT to turn on climate control” • “OK Google, Ask my MITSUBISHI CONNECT to turn on defrost” • “OK Google, Ask my MITSUBISHI CONNECT to turn on lights” • “OK Google, Ask my MITSUBISHI CONNECT to set the temperature to 70 degrees” For list of all voice commands, please refer: SETUP INSTRUCTIONS: Before linking Mitsubishi Connect with Google Assistant, you'll need to complete the following, first: • Have a Google account and Google Assistant enabled device set up. • Have a Mitsubishi Connect Remote Services subscription. • Have a Mitsubishi Connect account set up and linked with your vehicle. Once the above requirements are completed: 1. Download the “Google Home” app on your smartphone (iOS or Android). 2. Tap the "Menu" on the top left area. 3. Select “Explorer". 4. Type "My MITSUBISHI CONNECT“ into the “Search Field” on the top area and then press the “Magnifying Glass” icon on the bottom right area. 5. Press “LINK” button 6. Enter your My MITSUBISHI CONNECT login information, then select "Log In". 7. Once you are successfully linked, voice commands can be triggered following confirmation of security PIN. For FAQ's assistance contact:
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