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Just a few words away to control your smart home thanks to the integration between Google Home and Yubii, the smart home ecosystem by Nice. Things will happen in the easiest way possible, and you will be able to feel completely connected with your home without lifting a finger. Get the benefits of your Google Home Control and your Yubii smart home ecosystem. Working together, these two solutions working together give you voice control over your lights, scenes, security systems and even more just with the help of your voice. There won’t be a need to find your phone, go to wall switches or even use remote controls - just talk to Google Home. Just say "Ok Google, turn off all the lights" and Yubii Home will turn them all off. Here are some more examples: "Hey Google, what switches are on?" "Hey Google, set the kitchen lights to 50%." To control the Yubii smart home ecosystem with Google Home you would need: •  A Yubii Home gateway, with firmware version 5.100 or newer; •  A FIBARO ID account associated to your gateway (it is an account that allows you to use all Yubii services with one profile); •  A Google Home device. To learn how to get started or in case you still have some questions regarding the compatibility with Google Home, visit the dedicated webpage: manuals.fibaro.com/Google Find out more about the Yubii ecosystem here: yubiihome.com
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Ask your assistant
Close the gate 50%
Open the front gate
Turn on lights
Turn off lights
Is the front door closed?
Open the side door
Lock the front door
Unlock the front door
Make the front door lock
Make sure the front door is unlocked
Is the front door locked?
Is the front door unlocked?
Make the front door unlock
Make sure the front door is locked
Open shutter 50%
Close the shutter half way
Rotate shutter 20%
Open the shutter
Is the garage door open?
Close the garage door
Open the garage door
Turn on Movie Mode
Activate Good Morning
Set the temperature to 65 degrees
What's the temperature inside?
Set the thermostat to 75 degrees
Turn up the thermostat
Turn down the thermostat
Set security to arm
Arm security
Open blinds to 20%
Close blinds down
Close blinds
Close blinds down to 20%
Open blinds up to 50%
Are blinds open?
Open blinds 50%
Rotate blinds to 20%
Close blinds to 50%
Open the blinds 50%
Open the window
Close the window
Are the lights on in the living room?
Turn off the lights
Is the light on in John's office?
Dim the lights in the dining room
Turn on my lights
Turn on the lights
Dim the living room lamps
Switch on the lights
Switch off the lights
Smart home
Available devices
Android 6.0+ watches
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
Android 6.0+ tablets
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