The Dead Are Speaking
Otso Ollikainen
When a severed hand is found floating in a small swamp near Helsinki, the whole country focuses their eyes on the investigation. Follow the journey of two reporters as they try to uncover the truth behind the case that would leave its mark on history books for decades to come. The Dead Are Speaking is an interactive story game for Google Assistant. The plot changes depending on the choices you make and all interactions are done using only your voice! The game contains violence and offensive language. The story follows the fictionalized version of the Tattarisuo mystery, a real life event that took place in Finland during the 1930's. You take the role of reporter Taipale, the main character of the game, who's job in Uusi Helsinki newspaper is on the line. By reporting on this disturbing case you and your new assistant reporter have the chance to prove yourselves to your boss, avoid getting fired and change the future of the whole Finland! But what are you ready to do in order to whip up a good scoop? Features Multiple endings Interactive storyline Play the whole story for free, without ads! Performances by Elina Jackson, Jamie MacDonald, Tomas Whitehouse, Ama Laine, Julius Fondem, Rich Lyons, Timo Vehviläinen, Johanna Halme, Samir Hani, Giuliano Didio, Stephany Buenrostro Mazon, Bryan Dollery, Jonathan Hutchings, Matthew Paines, Veera Wikström and Sidney Hiltunen. Narrating by Chloe Galbe. Written designed and produced by Mirka Oinonen, Otso Ollikainen and Rauli Valo. In cooperation with Aalto University. Published by Yle Beta.
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