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The Vistapool Europe action is designed to control your pool in a easily way. We have designed a series of voice commands that allow us to know and modify the most important parameters to take into account when maintaining a pool. These include the current PH value, chlorine and / or oxidation, and the filtration and lighting state and mode. (if the pool includes these capabilities). A brief of things you can ask to the assistant to carry out maintenance on your pool: - "What is the temperature of the water?" - "What is the chlorine level?” - “Tell me the status of the filtration" - "Turn on the filtration" - "Set the PH level to seven” - “Set lighting in automatic mode" ... In order to manage your pool throught the assistant, we must first identify with your Vistapool Europe account. Therefore, the first time you use it, we will ask you to enter the credentials (username and password) that you normally use to access it from the website or mobile application. Keep in mind that you can always unlink your Vistapool account with the Google action from the preferences panel inside the assistant application.
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