Angry Fortune Teller
Starbutter AI
Angry Fortune Teller asks questions to get fortunes, and uses modern AI and data techniques to produce precise readings. Just don't piss her off! Our AI Fortune Teller Fara gives fun and angry advice about your stupid relationships, worthless career, broke finances, failing health and almost every area of your life. She also learns what you care about over time and gives you customized fortunes and predictions. No matter what part of your future you're curious about, or if you're a seeker of truth or just need a dish of the truth. We believe fortunes are a meaningful form of communication that makes people feel a sense of purpose and validation. This AI assistant is constantly searching for thousands of quotes with deep and rich meanings, with new quotes served every day! EXAMPLES Ways you can talk to Angry Fortune Teller: "OK Google, get fortune" "OK Google, show me my fortune" "OK Google, I want a Daily Fortune." "OK Google, get my fortune told." TECHNOLOGY Introducing Fara, an Angry but wholly predictive Fortune Teller - an interactive, conversational agent. Unlike dumb bots based on rules, Angry Fortune Teller has a sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning core. She learns and gets better over time, helping target dark yet wholly true and questionably inspirational fortune cookie wisdom for you. COMPANY Angry Fortune Teller is built by Starbutter AI, the world's expert on interactive conversational agents.
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