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Pete the Pub Landlord has put together a cracking weekly pub quiz. GAME PLAY Ten Questions. Answers at the end of the quiz. Say "Hey Google, next question" when you want the next question. Say "Hey Google, repeat" if you want to hear the question again. Come back every week for more questions. SUBMIT QUESTIONS I use some weird social network thingy called Twitter. I would love it if you sent me questions that I could read out. Twitter: @PeteQuiz FAQ Why can't I answer the question with an answer? Pete is a traditional sort of bloke that likes things nice and simple. Sometimes your device can mishear the answers and it helps to avoid people shouting over each other, and it's noisy enough in the pub as it is! Who is Pete? Pete is a legendary pub landlord from London who puts on a weekly pub quiz. He lives for his pub quiz nights and can't wait to share his pub quiz with you on Google Assistant. He likes a bit of banter. The questions are too hard! It would be great to have a setting with easy questions! Pete likes to challenge his audience and so tries to set questions that are tough, but not too tough. If you're finding it too hard going then please let us know, although Pub Quiz is designed to be a challenging game for all ages and skill levels. Maybe recruit some fellow quizzers to help you out? How do I hear the answers again? Just ask google to repeat the answers. FEEDBACK: Positive feedback? Top stuff! Hit that review button and write a review telling me what you liked. It will make my day and give me the energy to keep making more content :) Negative feedback? GET OUT MY PUB! Joke... I will do my best to fix the issue. Use this Link: Fill out the form telling me the problem you are having and I will see what I can do to help you. Thank you for using the Action! Have a great day! Pete Twitter: @PeteQuiz A HUGO.FM action
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