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Sharing wisdom and stories from our beloved mother, the late Islamic and Sufi scholar Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar. Right now, we are in demo mode. But the Laleh Knowledge Lake (LKL) chatbot will be happy to talk with you about Islam, Sufism and her pioneering work on Quranic psychology and Muslim women’s rights. Dr. Bakhtiar was born in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in Los Angeles, California with her mother Helen and grandparents Woodson and Nell Jeffreys. During her 50-year professional career, Dr. Bakhtiar authored, translated, or edited over 100 books. In 2016, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mohammed Webb Foundation in Chicago. Dr. Bakhtiar passed away from a rare blood disorder in October 2020. In 2021, universities across the world continue to refer to Dr. Bakhtiar’s teachings. The Laleh Knowledge Lake (LKL) is now being built to preserve her tremendous body of work. Curated by her family, the LKL is a conversational AI that includes teachings, stories and poems from Dr. Bakhtiar’s letters, notes, videos, podcasts, books, and lectures. A scholar once described Dr. Bakhtiar’s as “a diligent archeologist, who has mined original scriptures in spiritual literature, including scripture never translated into western languages.” LKL is designed in the form of a Sufi Enneagram, a symbol of wisdom in the realm of traditional psychology that was pioneered by Dr. Bakhtiar herself. We are dedicated to being as transparent as possible as we approach this important research and work on how to augment Dr. Bakhtiar’s wisdom using conversational AI.
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