Aura Home
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Aura Home - now works with Google Assistant! Google Assistant makes it easier than ever to switch Scenes on your Aura system. To get started, simply link your account and say “Start Aura Home” or any other supported phrase and the Aura Home Skill will be ready to go. To change Scenes on your Aura, simply say “Ok Google, ask Aura Home to…” - switch to Home Scene - set Scene to Away - change to Pet Scene - set Scene to Guardian - switch to Night Scene Note: In order to use Google Assistant with your Aura system, you will need an Aura account and an Aura Starter Kit.
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Ask your Assistant

"Ask Aura Home to set Scene to Away"
"Ask Aura Home to switch to Guardian Scene"
"Ask Aura Home to switch to Home Scene"
"Open Aura Home"
"Start Aura Home"


Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 6.0+ phones
iOS 9.0+ phones