First Service Credit Union
Quickly check your FSCU share and loan activity with help from Google Assistant. First you'll need to link your Google Assistant device to your FSCU account using the same credentials that you use for Online or Mobile banking. This process is secure and your username and password will not be shared with any third party. While linking your account, you'll be asked to create a four-digit security code that you'll need when asking for sensitive data from Assistant such as detailed balances or transaction history. After your device has been linked to your FSCU account, say 'Talk to FSCU' to invoke the assistant. Then you can: Ask for account balance information: "What's my balance?" "What's my total share balance?" "What's my total loan balance?" Ask for recent transactions: "What are my recent transactions?" "What are my recent debit card transactions?" "What are my recent credit card transactions?" Ask for upcoming payments: "When is my next payment due?" "What are my upcoming payments?" "When's my next auto loan payment due?" "When's my next card payment due?" Find locations: "Where is the nearest branch?" "What is the address for the Katy branch?" Find hours: "When does the Katy branch open?" Remember that Google Assistant will read your financial information out loud, so use discretion before saying your pin code while others are present.
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