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Enhance your Smart Home experience with Google and Osaio's products. If you own an google hub, you can ask google hub to display the live view of your camera of Osiao. Follow the steps here to connect your Osaio account to Google: 1. Download the "Osaio" app from the app store; 2. Register an Osaio account to add your devices; 3. Configure and name your devices; 4. Download the "Google Home" or "Google Assistant" app from the app store; 5. Configure Google hub in the "Google home" or "Google Assistant" app; 6. Set up a device of "works with Google" and search for "Osaio" from the category in the "Google Home" or "Google Assistant" app; 7. Enable "Osaio" action, and you'll be navigated to Osaio's login page; 8. Log into your Osaio account and authorize google to finish. Once the "Osaio" action is linked, simply ask Google to control your Osaio devices by their names. For example: “Ok Google, show (name of device) on kitchen display" “Ok Google, stream (name of device) to kitchen display" “Ok Google, stop" If you experience any problems while using this actions, please contact us at app-support@osaio.net
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Ask your assistant
Switch on the lights
Switch off the lights
Set fanspeed to high on dehumidifier
Turn on the dehumidifier
Start the dehumidifier
Set mode on dehumidifier to auto dry
What is the AC speed?
Start the AC
Make the AC speed lower
Raise the AC speed
What cycle is the AC in?
Turn off the AC
Set mode on AC to cool
What is the AC doing?
Turn on the AC
Stop the AC
Turn off TV
Turn on lights
Turn on the air purifier
Start the air purifier
Is the air purifier on?
Lower the fan speed
Raise the fan speed
Set fan to 5
Turn on the fan
Make the fan speed lower
What is the fan speed?
Turn off the fan
Make the fan speed higher
Turn on the camera
Show the Front Door Camera on Living Room TV
Turn off the camera
What's on Baby camera?
Turn On Hallway Camera
Is the Babycam On?
Show garage camera
Turn down the thermostat
Set the temperature to 65 degrees
Set the thermostat to 68 degrees
What's the temperature inside?
Charge the vacuum
Pause the vacuum
Dock the vacuum
Start vacuuming
Is the vacuum charging?
Stop the vacuum
Send the vacuum home
Start the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
Tell the robot to start vacuuming
Turn on the lights in the kitchen
Are the lights on in the dining room?
Turn on the lights
Turn off the lights
Turn on my lights
Is the light on in Tyler's room?
Turn on the kids bedroom lamps
Start the humidifier
Activate osciliation for the humidifier
Set the humidifier to 35% humidity
Set the humidifier to manual
Change the airflow to front on the humidifier
Set the humidifier to 10
Turn off the humidifier
Turn on Movie Mode
Activate Good Morning
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