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To use the skill, an API key must be created in your Cloud Fleet Manager instance. Then you're able to sign up in the Google Assitant on your Phone. If you have questions or suggestions about CFM Skill, please contact Receive information even faster and more convenient! This skill enables commercial users of the Cloud Fleet Manager to quickly and easily access relevant information from the system. Using voice control, users can request specific information and display it on screen or receive it directly via voice output. It can be used to instantly retrieve information such as open claims statistics, upcoming maintenance tasks, crew changes, or upcoming dockings. In addition, it is possible to communicate directly with the CFM via voice input and output and thus obtain information on, for example, the next ships that arrive in a certain port or individual crew members of a ship. Prerequisite for the use of this skill is a commercial account of Cloud Fleet Manager. Required hardware: Google-enabled device Possible commands: ok Google, ask Cloud fleet manager for: - bunker to confirm - claims - flash briefing - maintenance statistic - vessel visits - off-hires - open disturbances - watch list - crew changes - upcoming dockings - vessel certificates Questions with direct speech output: - Which vessels will reach {Singapore} next? - Who is the {Master} of {HS Hanseaticsoft}? * {} The values in braces are example values and should be replaced by ports / ranks.
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