Severe weather, floods, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, biohazards and other disastrous events and hazards threaten our safety in Canada more than ever. Use the Alertable action to keep you up to date on emergency events in Canada for locations you are interested in. To get started, say “Talk to Alertable” and follow the start-up steps. Fully customize your experience by trying the following: Modify your alert locations · “Tell Alertable to list my locations” · “Tell Alertable to add an alert location” · “Tell Alertable to remove an alert location” · “Tell Alertable to add Calgary to my locations” · “Tell Alertable to remove Calgary from my locations” Modify the type of alerts you receive · “Tell Alertable to change alert types” · “Tell Alertable to add snowfall alerts” · “Tell Alertable to stop snowfall alerts” · “Tell Alertable to reset alert type filter” Modify your home location (all the times for the alerts will be set for this time zone) · “Tell Alertable set my home location” · “Tell Alertable change my home location” · “Ask Alertable whats my home location” Want to start from scratch with Alertable and clear everything? · “Ask Alertable to reset settings” We’re working on adding new features, so if you have any comments, we’d love to hear from you! You can reach us at
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Talk to Alertable
Ask Alertable to list my locations
Ask Alertable to add an alert location
Ask Alertable to remove an alert location
Ask Alertable to change alert types
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