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This Action will allow Google Actions devices to control the ON/OFF switch of a Buddee Smart Plug Before using Google Action to control your smart devices, make sure you meet the following conditions. • Stable Wi-Fi network which could access to Google Actions server. • A Google device, • A Google account. • Buddee app and a related account. • Buddee Smartplugs. Google Actions and the Buddee app work together to help you control home appliance nice and easy. 1. Connect Buddee with Google Actions app. • Open your Google Assistant App • Click discover • Search for "Buddee Home" 2. Enable Buddee in the Google Actions app. You have to link your account to enable the Action. • Go to 'Actions' in the Google Actions Discover menu, then search "Buddee PH" and tap "Enable". • This will prompt you to login using your Buddee User Account. • Type in yur Username and Password then Click Submit • The Google Assistant Application will notify if you have successfully linked your account. 3. Control your smart devices through Google Action • To talk to the Buddee PH Action you can say "Hey Google, Talk to Buddee Home". • Discover devices You can ask Google Actions to give your device list by saying "Hey Google, What are my devices" while in the session. • Control devices by voice commands Now you can control your Smartplug devices through your Google Assistant. You can use the following commands to control your devices (e.g., Living room): Here are a few examples of usage: • Hey Google, Talk To Buddee Home • What are my devices • Help Currently Google Actions does not support changing the fan level and mode on Buddee.
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