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Ask Doctor Pooch before feeding your dog or cat any food or drink to ensure its safe to do so. For example: if you want to feed fish to your dog, simply say - Hey Google, ask Doctor Pooch if dogs can eat fish? Similarly, if you want to know if cats can drink milk, simply say - Hey Google, ask Doctor pooch if cats can drink milk? This action is also handy if your pet eats something off the floor and you are not sure if its something to be worried about. Simply ask Doctor Pooch. Learn more here : The action provides a comprehensive answer that includes if the food you plan on giving is safe, how it should be served, the associated nutritional benefits or risks, the portions and frequency with which it should be served and more. Doctor Pooch has answers for over 400 commonly queried food items and is constantly adding new answers. Please give it some benefit of doubt before bashing it with a bad review. A good review will make Doctor Pooch stay motivated to add new answers. Here are some of the foods that doctor pooch knows the answers of : apples, avocado, black beans, blueberry, caffeine, cake, candy, carob, carrot, celery, cheeze-it, cherry, chives, cilantro, cinnamon, cocoa puffs, cookie, cookies, crab, crackers, cranberries, cucumbers, cupcakes, dark chocolate, doughnut, dragonfruit, eggs, fish, garlic, ginger, grape, ground beef, gummy bears, hamburger, hazelnut, honey, hot sauce, juice, kiwi, lemons, lettuce, licorice, lima beans, limes, liver, lizards, macadamia nuts, mango, mangoes, mashed potatoes, meat loaf, meatloaf, milk, mint, mozzarella, nuts, oils, olives, onions, pea, peanut butter, peanuts, pine nuts, pineapple, pizza, pork, potato chips, prune, radish, radishes, raisin, raisins, raw hamburger, rice cake, salmon, sardine, soda, sultana bran, sweet peppers, thyme, tomato, tomatoes, turkey, walnut, watermelon, watermelons, wheat, white fish, yogurt, almond, almonds, apple, artichokes, asparagus, avocados, bagels, biscuit, biscuits, blackberry, blueberries, broccoli, buns, cakes, canned pumpkin, cantaloupe, caramel, carob powder, carrots, cashew, cashews, chard, cherries, chewing gum, chicken, chicken bones, chocolate, cinnamon roll, clementines, cocoa powder, cooked squash, coriander, cornflakes, cracker, cranberry, currants, donut, donuts, egg, french fries, grapes, green beans, guacamole, gum, ham, lasagna, lemon, lima, lizard, macadamia nut, marshmallow, marshmallows, meat, melatonin, melon, mozzarella cheese, mushroom, noodles, olive, olive oil, onion, peach, pear, pears, pepper, peppers, pickle, pickles, pizza crust, plum, plums, poop, potatoes, pringles, prunes, pumpkin seed, pumpkin seeds, raspberries, raspberry jam, raw ground beef, sardines, shallots, slaw, soup, soy, soybeans, spaghetti, spicy, spicy food, squash, steak, sultana, sweet potatoes, teriyaki, teriyaki sauce, whipped cream, white chocolate, zucchini, an orange, artichoke, aspic, aspirin, bacon, bagel, banana, bananas, bean, beans, beef, beer, beet, bell pepper, bread, bun, butter, cashew nuts, cauliflower, cheerios, cheese, cheez-its, chips, chocolates, cinnamon rolls, clam, clementine, coconut, coffee, coleslaw, corn, corn flakes, cream cheese, cucumber, cupcake, cuties, dairy, dragon fruit, graham cracker, grapefruit, ice cream, jam, lime, maple syrup, mushrooms, mustard, mustard greens, nut, oatmeal, oil, orange, oranges, papaya, pasta, peaches, peanut, peas, vegetables, walnuts DISCLAIMER: Doctor Pooch gives a best guess answer derived from online resources and cannot be held liable for any unexpected consequence as a result of following its advice. Please consult a certified professional veterinary to ensure the validity of its answers.
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