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Ask Doctor Pooch if its safe to feed certain foods to your dog. Did you know that onions and grapes are dangerous for dogs? Don't take a chance before feeding your dog any kind of food. Always, consult 'Doctor Pooch' to ensure its safe to do so. For example, you can say 'Hey Google, ask Doctor Pooch if dogs can eat apples'. To get started, simply enable this action and say 'Hey Google, open Doctor Pooch' to learn how to use it. The action provides a comprehensive answer that includes if the food you plan on giving is safe, how it should be served, what are the associated nutritional benefits or dangers, the portions and frequency with which it should be served and more. Doctor Pooch has upwards of 250 answers to various foods. He is constantly learning - so if he is unable to answer - he will learn and be able to answer in a week. Please give him some benefit of doubt before bashing him with a bad review. A good review will make him stay motivated to constantly add to his answers.
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