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Hands-free voice control of your connected Electrolux appliances. Ask Google Assistant to start, stop or change a setting and it’s taken care of. Need to know if your wash is ready or your dryer is on? Simply ask what the status of your appliance is. If you have a double oven, be sure to say which one you want to control. You can even set the cooking function. Just ask Google Assistant to set the mode of the oven. Check the Electrolux app to see which oven functions are supported. You can use the name of the appliance, shown in your Electrolux or Google Home app, to say what you want to control. This action does not support all controls, or appliances, in the Electrolux app. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Electrolux customer support. To get started, go to the Google Home app and connect to Electrolux.
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Ask your assistant
Make the AC speed lower
What's AC mode set to?
Stop the AC
Turn off the AC
Set AC to high
Start the AC
Did I set AC to cool?
Set mode on AC to cool
What is the AC speed?
What cycle is the AC in?
Stop the oven
Start the oven
What cycle is the washing machine doing next?
Turn off extra rinse on the wachine machine
Is washing machine extra rinse turned on?
Set Temperature on washing machine to hot
What is the washing machine doing?
How much time is left on the washing machine cycle?
Start the washing machine
How much time is left on the washing machine?
Is the washing machine running?
Turn on extra rinse on the washing machine
Set fanspeed to high on dehumidifier
Turn on the dehumidifier
Set mode on dehumidifier to auto dry
Start the dehumidifier
Is dryer wrinkle shield turned on?
Turn on wrinkle shield on the dryer
Set temperature on dryer to perm press
Dry my clothes
Pause the dryer
What cycle is the dryer on next?
What cycle is the dryer in?
Start the dryer
What's dryer temperature set to?
How much time is left on the dryer cycle?
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Android 6.0+ TVs
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Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
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