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Wake up in the morning and get your compatible Kia heated or cooled to just the right temperature as you get ready to head out. Enjoy peace of mind and avoid walking to your Kia to check if it's locked. Start and stop charging your plug-in hybrid or fully electric Kia at your convenience. Do all of the above and more with just the power of your voice by getting the UVO Agent by Kia. The UVO Agent enables your Google Assistant devices to perform the following remote commands on your select Kias: • Remote Start/Stop Engine • Remote Climate Control • Remote Charge Start/Stop • Remote Horn and Lights • Remote Lock Current vehicles compatible with Google Assistant: • Cadenza (MY2020+) • Carnival - select trims(MY2022+) • Forte - select trims (MY2020+) • K5 – select trims • K900 (MY2016+) • Niro - select trims (MY2020+) • Niro EV • Niro Plug In Hybrid (MY2018+) • Optima – select trims (MY2019+) • Optima Hybrid (MY2020+) • Optima Plug-In Hybrid (MY2017+) • Rio – select trims (MY2021+) • Seltos - select trims • Sorento - select trims (MY2020+) • Sorento Hybrid • Soul – select trims (MY2020+) • Soul EV (MY2017+) • Sportage – select trims (MY2020+) • Stinger – select trims (MY2022+) • Telluride – select trims This UVO Agent is for the United States only. Easy Set-Up: • Check that your vehicle is part of the list above and is equipped with a UVO telematics system. • Search for the UVO Agent in the Google Assistant app. • Log in to your UVO account from the UVO Agent. • Create a PIN to help manage access to certain features (e.g., Remote Start and Climate Control). Warning: • Only use these services/features when safe and legal to do so. • We recommend using the UVO Agent in a secure and private setting and not in the presence of others, including children. • When performing a Remote Start or Climate Control for gas-powered vehicles (includes plug-in hybrids), please make sure your vehicle is parked in a secure and well-ventilated area. Close all doors leading from adjacent living areas to the vehicle area before executing these commands. Additional Notes: • Remote features may vary by model and year. • The UVO Agent on Google Assistant will send remote commands to your vehicle, but it does not currently confirm the completion of those commands through your Google Assistant devices. However, a completion notification will be sent through either the UVO app notification, email, or text depending on the settings in your UVO account. • An activated UVO account with a current UVO subscription is required to access the UVO Agent. • To get started with UVO, visit https://owners.kia.com and click "Support", or visit your preferred Kia Dealer. • For questions or help with Google Assistant, please contact the UVO Call Center at 844-886-9411.
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