Appointment Scheduler
Voice appointment assistant enables prospects to book appointments with your business simply by saying: “Ok Google, talk to Appointment Scheduler about {Jane Smith from Acme Inc}”. Appointment Scheduler is trained to provide information on your pricing, location, opening hours, and other details that prospects need to make a decision to meet with you. Not to mention time availability checks, creating Google Calendar events, sending invitations and meeting reminders via email, and push notifications. Appointment Scheduler is a perfect fit for businesses that market their online/offline free educational sales calls e.g. free strategy calls, free consultations, discovery calls, free diagnostics, chemistry meetings, etc. Our ideal client list includes Auto dealerships, Real estate agents, Marketing agencies, Consultants, Coaches, Medical centers, Chiropractors, Recruiters, Lawyers, Dentists, Car detailing companies, Travel agencies, B2B businesses, etc. All you need to do is sign up free by filling out the form and connecting your calendar to Appointment Scheduler assistant. For end-users, it is free. We don't charge them for using a voice assistant to book appointments with businesses. For businesses we have both free and premium plans. You can try how it works by saying, "ok, Google, talk to Appointment Scheduler about James Bond".
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