hOn Smarthome
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Welcome to the future of your home! hOn Smarthome offers an engaging and dynamic experience to manage your appliances enhancing their performance and taking care of your home daily routines. Integrate your smart appliances* with hOn Smarthome Action and you will be able to control them hands-free, just with the sound of your voice. Check hon-smarthome.com to explore how to improve your home life!
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Ask your assistant
Start the air purifier
Is the air purifier on?
Turn off the air purifier
Is the laundry clean?
Start washing my clothes
Turn on extra rinse on the washing machine
How much time is left on the washing machine cycle?
Is washing machine extra rinse turned on?
What's washing machine temperature set to?
What is the washing machine doing?
Is the washing machine running?
Set Temperature on washing machine to hot
Start the washing machine
Pause the dryer
Set temperature on dryer to perm press
Turn off wrinkle shield on the dryer
Are the clothes dry?
What's dryer temperature set to?
Stop drying the laundry
Turn on wrinkle shield on the dryer
Is dryer wrinkle shield turned on?
Did I set dryer to Perm Press?
Start the dryer
Start the oven
Stop the oven
Turn off the AC
What is the AC speed?
Lower the AC speed
Stop the AC
Did I set AC to cool?
Raise the AC speed
What's AC mode set to?
Start the AC
Set AC to high
What cycle is the AC in?
Stop the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
Dock the vacuum
Start the vacuum
Send the vacuum home
Is the vacuum charging?
Start vacuuming
Stop vacuuming
Pause the vacuum
Charge the vacuum
Smart home
Available devices
Android 6.0+ watches
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
Android 6.0+ tablets
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