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【Generate a Lottery/Random Number For You】 >Just tell it what lottery do you want, and it will generate the corresponding numbers you'll need for that lottery! >OR, It can also answer your customized query! Simply tell it how many numbers you need, and what the highest number will be. 1.【Lotteries You Want】 To start, simply say the following sentence below: "I want number for Powerball." "Powerball number." "Give me a random number for Powerball." Supported lottery: (US) Powerball Lotto America 2 by 2 All or nothing Cash4life Luck for life Mega millions (UK&EU) Euro millions Thunderball Lotto Euro jackpot SuperEnalotto (Singapore) Toto (Taiwan) Big Lottery (大樂透) Power Lottery (威力彩) Win win Lottery (雙贏彩) Lotto 7/40 (大福彩) Daily Cash (今彩539) (Hong Kong) Mark 6 (六合彩) (Japan) Loto6 (ロト6) Loto7 (ロト7) Miniloto (ミニロト) (Australia) Set for life Oz lotto Tattslotto (Canada) Lotto Max Lotto 6/49 Hit or miss (South Korea) Nanum Lotto (로또6/45) (Mexico) Melate Melate Retro Chispazo (China) Shuang Se Qiu (双色球) Qi Le Cai (七乐彩) 2.【or... Numbers You Need】 Didn't see the lottery you want? No problem, Lottery number picker also understand customized number! "Pick 6 number from 1 to 49." "Generate 6 numbers for me." "I need 6 numbers from 1 to 49." ''6/49'' Here are things you can change in your custom query: 1: How many number you want. 2: The largest number you allow. 3: The smallest number you allow. (optional, default number is 1) >Tell us about the lottery you need (name, available country), and we will consider to add it in the future! Email address is down below. >34 Lotteries Worldwide Now<
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