I Can't C U
Chip Edwards
If I had written the book, "Blind People for Dummies", this podcast would be the chapters. In this podcast, I try to make the connection between the sighted and the blind. I talk about what it's like to be blind in a world that takes sight for granted. I talk about experiences in traveling, from short trips like walking blocks to the grocery store, to taking the train into Philly to attend meetings. The goal in creating this podcast for you is to let you know that blind people can be independent and shouldn't be underestimated, and to remind you that "I Can't See You". You can connect with David at www.ICantCU.com. Engage the action by saying: Hey Google, Talk to I Can't See You Once the action is engaged, try the following commands: Play the latest episode Search for travel Help **For information about this Google Assistant Action, visit www.CreateMyVoice.com or send an email to Support@CreateMyVoice.com
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